QoL Suggestion: Cycle Hotkeys for Tech Tree Interface

Sometimes when you’re checking the in game tech tree, it’s just so inefficient with arrow keys/clicks with mouse.

So I imagine having the same cycling hotkeys as in game, for the tech tree interface, so that we could jump to certain buildings without wasting time scrolling slowly to the right hand side.

For eg: I have E for cycling through stables in game, after opening the tech tree I just press E and it jumps to the stable line.


Go to hotkeys would work great for this.

You can use mousewheel in tech tree, too… but, unfortunately, I think you have to be hovering over the scroll bar at the bottom of screen when doing so. Still, it’s handy

Regardless, nice suggestion. And I was thinking the other day a magnifying glass search might be nice, too, as I was trying to find “castle” the other day and it was a bit of a pain since I don’t go into the tech tree a lot. The tech tree could jump to the tech and highlight it if it finds the search result. If multiple search results, multiple techs could highlight

I would like to see tabs in tech tree, which would allow me to quickly browse different sections of it