QoL Suggestion: More Modern Controls

This suggestion is about typical modern RTS control features that sadly didn’t make it into DE.

  • Please add ctrl-click as an equivalent to double click (select all of a type). This should work within the game space, as well as the unit cards. Currently both ctrl and shift clicks are additive selection - there’s no need for both to do this.

  • Control group stealing: ability to use ctrl-# and ctrl-shift-# to move around your selection between control groups, while removing them from their original group. There’s a lot of uses and functionality associated with this, see details (sc2 example) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8EosfvxnAA

  • Subselect hotkeys: tab to allow for subselection cycling. Basically select identical entities, moving on to the next group with this hotkey. Sc2 example here: https://youtu.be/BvoainJ_U_c?t=93


That is the default behaviour in AOE. In this game a unit can’t be part of two control groups.

And do what exactly with that? There is only one spell-like ability in the whole game (attack ground for siege). The subselection hotkey in SC2 mainly allows you to have various spellcasters in the same control group and use the spells for all of them. Such a use case doesn’t exist in AOE.

you just necroed a thread thats almost 2 years old.

Oops, didn’t see that. This showed up as a suggestion for me when I was creating a new thread.

Not important for units, but important for buildings. It would allow you to more effectively manage multiple types of buildings in 1 control group.