QOL suggestions for Matchmaking

  1. A ranked game should not start if a player is AFK (didn’t press ready button). Give that player a 5 or 10 minute freeze (or more) from matchmaking.

  2. Should also give that same punishment for players who ALT-F4 when a map they don’t like is chosen.

  3. if playing 1v1, when an enemy has chosen a prefer map, and you didn’t, I think it would be better if instead of 100% the opponent’s preferred map, we would have a 50% chance for the opponent’s preferred map, and 50% for all other available unbanned maps in pool.


When one player has a prefered map and the other doesn’t, it is quite logical that the prefered one is chosen because the other player is ok with all the maps. If it was the way you are suggesting, prefered maps would have been played less frequently and therefore less relevant.

Not sure about other points, I don’t think it’s necessary. If your allies afk too often, just play solo or with people you know.

dissagree with freeze from match making in 1, sometimes I don’t press ready cause i need the time to think about what civ i want or want to check out what my allies are gonna go for. Not readying only delays the match 1 minute max anyways. Also the match should start even if someones afk, if you need to leave your pc for whatever reason, leave the queue.

If the game just dont start, then it becomes the newest ‘alt+f4’ option. I dont know if i like that part. I think not. Giving some penalty to AFK users, is something what i like. The same i true for ALT+F4 users. So i definitely agree with that part.

Yeah, i think this is much better. This will take into account the preference of both players. The current setup is skewed towards map pickers. With this suggestion all preferences are weighting equally, which is much better.

Well then they could at least give us a “Yes/No” when a match is found, you click the Yes, then you can continue to afk for the last 60 seconds or do whatever.

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