QoL suggestions

Most of the QoL improvements have been really great but I’ve noticed a handful that other games do that are missing.

  • CTRL+Click = Double Click - This is something that SC2 does and most people agree that you don’t even double click in the game. It’s vastly superior, faster, and more accurate. I see no reason for this not to be a thing in the game.

  • Switching between different units/structures you have selected - Basically if you have multiple structures selected as far as I can tell you can’t swap between the primary selection to build out of the other structures. I find this is an absolute must to have with how nicely the control groups work now, so I can put multiple types of things on one hotkey.
    Edit So this feature does exist in Age1 DE where you can cycle through each individual selected unit/structure, I’d prefer switching the grouping, but I’d take either.

  • This one is almost more of a bug I feel, but when queuing up techs they all go onto one structure regardless of how many you have selected. This doesn’t happen with units, only tech, and I really don’t understand why, but it definitely needs a change.

  • Being able to set players or self to spectator or player in multiplayer games, especially as host. It’s weird that you have to join in the spectator tab, I really don’t understand why you can’t just drag a person into a spectator role at anytime during game set up. Games like Starcraft have been doing it that way forever I don’t see why AoE2 DE can’t. It’s also very obnoxious in that if a player joins through invite or Steam join it only joins as a player not spectator, so being able to set it at any time fixes this issue entirely.
    Edit In Age1 DE you could actually set your Civ selection to “spectator”, allowing you to set yourself to spectator after joining the game at anytime before starting the game. Why this isn’t a thing in Age2 DE is beyond me.


I would add to this list also a few other things…


  • Enable to use more than 3-5 characters for clan tag and enable special characters like ‘=,<,>’ etc…
  • Enable to modify clan name and tag in clan settings after the clan has already been created

Why is ranked game limited to 200 pop and why the ■■■■ you can’t select the map you want to play on ranked games. People are not always in the mood for the random stuff…

I agree except for the second point.
This would require a lot of work for the devs.
I make my building control groups by type.

Edit: I meant the point about switching between unit/structure groups to issue commands like in Starcraft 2.

Also a clan chat, and a way to add friends in game.

I really don’t see how this would be so much work for the devs… all these clan settings are probably just items in a database, so forcing people to use a clan tag made of only characters and limited to only 5 characters is ridiculous at this day and age. Second, since we are probably talking about database items, I really don’t see why modifying them at later stage as long as they are unique should be a problem… Make them both a unique requirement and that’s it :confused:

My reply was to @B33b3, not your comment.
I’ve never seriously been in a clan, so your suggestion is irrelevant to me and I’m not going to comment on it.

I’m not a programmer so I have no concept of how much work it would be to do it, but being able to tab through unit/building selections is a really big deal for me, and almost seems like an oversight to not have in the game. I can certainly work around it, but it’s just that much more apm I have to use to go through my extra control groups.

Edit Apparently this was in Age1 DE so they really have no excuse for it not being in Age2 DE.