QoL updates on Xbox

Hi everyone,

Hopefully, more of you are enjoying AoE IV on Xbox as much as I do. It was such a surpirse to see it appear on console, but a most welcome one!

After investing quite some hours in the game, I have some QoL changes that I would love to see implemented, and I was wondering if my fellow gamers have additional ones that I haven’t even picked up on yet. A few examples on my side:

  • When selecting the auto-assignment/age-up economy for villagers at the start of the game, the gold mining pit will not be constructed yet before the first villager collects gold. This causes them to walk back to the TC, and assigning a food-collecting villager to the mining pit.
  • Villigars crossing half the map to collect fish (probably due to vision of a harbor or mill on the recourse).
  • When selecting “All militeray units” and giving them a command on an enemy unit/building, when the target is destroyed all units stop moving towards the marker.
  • Military unit selection in general, when selecting all units it should allow you to cycle through units instead of the LT+RT cycling wheel.
  • As the HRE, prelates selection can be bit tedius, as you want them to be close to as much villagers as possible, but selecting a building/recourse will de-select the prelate. Can they auto-follow units?

Looking forward to see your thoughts and tips!