Quality of life eco suggestion

The idea is that Villagers will automatic transfer to the when they walk under a Tc and if Villager gather resources under a Tc then those resource will go directly into your bank.


I like the idea. That will boost a lot the early game sheep and boar food gather bcos you won´t have to calculate how much food you need for feudal age.

among similar ideas like sheep dont rot within a radius of mills or TCs, theres a number of QoL changes they could make but will doubtfully change due to some pretty hard line conservatives (remember the resistance to simple things like auto seed, tech queuing, auto scout)

i mean we even had resistance to fixing terrible vil pathing , ill never forget that…

Maybe as an Eco bonus otherwise I disagree

Remember how in age 1 you couldn’t queue units or villager? that was fun :frowning:

I think using no rot as a food bonus would be better for a new civ as an eco bonus, or possibly if they wanted to change a current civs bonuses.


You repeat that a lot but I never see anyone saying that… If anything you see people fighting over whether DE or AoC has the better villager pathing but not on whethet it should be made better.

Can we technically figure whose villagers that kill the deer or the boar out?
Also, would it balance that the player kills the allies’ animal for help them with this bonus?

I would support the hunter submitting the food directly but work 5% slower.
Perhaps for a potential Inner Asian nomad civ, like Gokturks or Khitans.