[QUALITY OF LIFE IMPROVEMENT] Get rid of the loud, thundrous boom sound when clicking things

Just played a game of AoE2:HD, then fired up AoE2:DE to see some of the differences since it was fresh in my mind. Ahh, nice graphical improvements.

But one thing that jumped out at me in AoE2:DE was the annoyingly loud, boomy sound that occurs when you click the icon to build a villager, or when you click the ‘Build’ icon from a villager, etc. It’s so repetitive, loud, bassy, and just, generally, way overkill. Comparing sounds to AoE2:HD, I definitely prefer the subtler, more precise, more delicate, not-as-in-your-face sounds of AoE2, in general.

I hope audio improvements are being looked into for AoE2:DE, given all the feedback on it. But I wanted to call this one specific sound out, since it’s a sound that occurs a lot. You build hundreds of villagers per game, and build hundreds of things per game, etc. (I don’t want to do an inventory log of everywhere this sound gets used.) But I really feel this loud sound needs to be changed to something wayyy more subtle and delicate.


It’s very loud and we can’t silence the soud to EVERY button we click on EVERY menu!!

I hope there is at least a way to silence the buttons for us to play

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YES! It is in the menus, too. Is too much for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I know there was some loud, boomy sound in the menus/tech tree of the old AoE2:HD- games… so they’re probably trying to replicate that a bit. It’s one sound I didn’t like being there so repetitively used – especially for Tech Tree. It was too frequent in the old games, imo… and in DE, it’s taken to a whole new level of ‘too much’ :wink:

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