Quality of life suggestion - Friends List Update online/offline

First of All let me just thank the devs again for the overhaul of the friend system and the introduction of the whisper. Really nice update

However could it possibly be introduced an update to the system to know which of our friends are online, and which are currently in a game?

This would make inviting less tedious (i know that the new system indicates after inviting if the player is online or not)


Agreed. Would also be nice to know if they are in a match or not too. Also can option to add to steam friends too.

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I like how we can now whisper, but the other important bit is knowing if they are online.

Sux having to click on them individually to see if they are online.

Hoping to get this topic out there again.
Why not put those indicators to the friend list? Any reason why they wouldn’t?

When I want to play with a friend I have to check individually in a tedious line of steps to know that…