Question about economy hotkeys

So I hit F2 to select all economy buildings.

Then I can hit TAB to select through each building.

But if doesn’t take me to that building. Is there any way to say go from that ‘F2’ and TAB to a building then GO TO THAT BUILDING? I’ve tried F5 and F6, no luck.

Any comments welcome.

there is if there’s a find the selected type hotkey, which i can’t confirm or deny being present, i recommend you try the cycle keys and select all keys as an alternative

after you press tab, press hotkey F5 to focus on selected unit. (I’m not sure what is the default hotkey, but in my game is F5)

if focus selected unit hotkey didn’t work, you can check on Setting → Control → Focus on selected unit(units), choose : Center Camera ‘in your case’.