Question about frame delay

I’m refering to the stat that determines how quickly a unit will shoot an arrow after being ordered to move. I was playing Mongols the other day. I had Thumbring researched. I employed hit-and-run tactics with cavalry archers, and found out that they shot pretty quickly after running away. I’m comparing it to cavalry archers of other civs with which I employed hit-and-run. My question is, do Thumbring or the Mongol bonus affect frame delay?

They don’t. It is an atribute if the unit. Mangudai has less delay than cav archer that’s pretty well known.

I think he may need comparing Mongol can archers and not mangudai.

I don’t think any tech in the game reduces frame delay, but I don’t think that’s the stat you’re interested in. There is also an attack delay, which is the time between shooting. So when you shoot, and then task units to move away, how long will it take to shoot again. Frame delay is when you’ve tasked the unit to shoot, how long will the unit take to actually shoot, generally.

Mongol bonus for mounted Archers makes them shoot faster, reducing the attack delay. Thumb Ring on top makes them shoot even faster by further reducing attack delay.

(unless I’m vastly wrong on this haha)

No. Frame delay is the number of frames of the attack animation before the unit fires. Attack delay (as given by sites such as is a measure of the actual time taken before the animation fires, calculated using a formula that includes total frames in animation, animation duration, and frame delay. Reload time is what you’re referring to as attack delay, the measure of time between when the unit can actually fire again. It’s reload time that is modified by the Mongol bonus and Thumb Ring.


I blame AoE2wiki for this (they use Rate of Fire and Attack Delay seemingly interchangeably at times).

I know, but I wasn’t using Mangudai; I was using regular cavalry archers.

Nope; frame delay is the stat I’m interested in. I wasn’t merely sending the cavalry to move away and let them shoot of their own volition. I was moving them and making them shoot before their movement ended. That’s where frame delay matters. But well, I was already answered (thank to everyone by the way).