Question about HRE Marching Drills?

Just out of curiosity, but does the marching drills technology for the HRE affect archery range units too?

Because in the wiki seems to do so:

Yes, it does. Meinwerk with marching drills into an archer play is a very good choice for HRE in feudal. I think crossbow and hand canoneer are a bit more rare as they counter the same units as maa, but they might be underused. These units cost a lot of gold which is rarely an issue for HRE and you don’t have to wait for all the upgrades.

Going for a spear & landsknecht frontline, supported by crossbow and light cav or springald sounds pretty good for castle age. Then transition into your maa upgrades for your lategame comp.

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Nice to know, so the HRE isn’t a pure infantry civ as people says…

Even if opening with a stable and pro scouts is probably still the better option, adding a range for archers might be a good idea for a sustained feudal fight.