Question about quick play

Does Quick Play match you with a similar ELO? I have won quite a few games in that mode and it felt like I was matched with much lower ELO players than me (because if the other guy sucks is the only way I can be victorious). There were a couple of times in which the opposite happened: the other guy had a lot more skill. So, what’s the difference between Quick Play and Ranked, apart from the fact that it doesn’t affect your ELO?

Iirc, it has a different, hidden elo

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Ranked matches you based on elo. Quick play doesnt look at elo at all, so you just get match against anyone else waiting for a game.

Some people claim quick play is using an hidden elo, but afaik there has never been any evidence for that. So to me that hidden elo story is a lie.

Other difference is quick play uses standard victory, ranked uses conquest.

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