Question about tag priorities

Hello explorers,

I have a question about tags.

if a Unit A is attacking an unit B with a 100 dammage shot.

Unit A : x2 against mercenaries , x0,5 again infantry
Unit B : Infantry tag and mercenary tag

How much dammage the unit B will receive ? 50 , 100 ,200 ?

It should get 100 as it works with sowar mechanism and such except if the mercenary tag has a priority but I don’t think they are far apart these priorities

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It is not a priority of tags. Both are treated equally and get multiplied.

So unit A does x2 AND x0.5, which results in a x1.

Other example: skirms do x2 to light cav and x0.75 to cavalry, so they deal x1.5 to dragoon who got both tags.