Question about update 36202 and civ balance

I’m currently updating my mod w/ Adv Genie Edit. to make the same changes in civ balancing from the latest update.
I’ve already updated all the changes besides 2 things that I cannot find in the updated version of empires2_x2_p1.dat

For Tatars, the free thumb ring tech (cannot find it under C-bonus or C 33 in tech tab)
For Cumans, the capped ram upgrade in Castle age (same, cannot find any clue of a change in tech or effects tab)

Maybe i’m not searching in the correct place, but have no clue of where to search the changes besides thoses places.

Did someone know something that can help me ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

ok i found the solution for thumb ring, it was added with already existing tech.
But still can’t find how the capped ram upgrade is done

Best way is copy data file (36202 version) (path: AoE2DE\resources\common\dat ) to your folder mod. Then, edit it same as last your old mod.

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My mod do many changes as making them all over again will take hours unfortunatly :confused:

Developers might forget or not bother to write all official dat file changes to patch notes, so repeating their dat changes yourself for your mod dat file is very unreliable.
Modifying official dat file after each patch with your mod changes is much more reliable.

Your trouble highlights how cumbersome current dat modding system is however… It should be possible to specify changes to dat file which mod system should apply to official dat file automatically.

At least i takes me less time to apply changes of patches by the devs to the dat file than redo all my mod changes again lol. It’s been the third month i’m doing that had no problem before because each time i can see the changes applied to the dat files because i know where to find the changes by looking at the changelog. however this time it’s different, I have ideas of where it could be for obvious reasons, but i could not find anything about this change in the dat file.