Question for patches an updates for cd users

Hi, i saw there is an aoe 3 empires collection on here for patch of eso. is there one for age of mythology on here somewhere i can find? or?

it be awhile before xbox gamepass pc store will get one. i don’t like steam would prefer to use the cd version for untell aom will be on xbox gamepass pc.

so is there an age of mythology patch like aoe3 empries collection eso has on here?

thatss what im talking about by the way.

The ESO multiplayer servers for Age of Mythology were taken offline many years ago and has not been supported since. The patch simply addresses the issue with ESO for Age of Empires III and that Microsoft no longer owns the ESO domain.

It’s possible the devs are working on Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition now for the Microsoft Store/GamePass and Steam but that’s pure speculation on my part.

interesting. i hope there is one.

i guess it be awhile untell aoe4 comes out. but, hopefully not too long await. i defiantly keep my eye out.


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