Question for the devs... Why no revolt spy tech?

It’s been said before, but nothing came out of it, so I’m trying to bring it to the light again.

Why don’t revolts have a spies tech?

No one likes to spend 15 minutes looking for a hiding settler or priest behind a very convenient tree or at the edge of a HUGE map. You could beat the enemy and then die of frustration by not being able to find the little coward.

So why isn’t this implemented into the game?


I guess that’s a bit of an oversight as you have no way of going age 5 after revolting.


That’s the trade of revolting. You loose all imperial upgrades. Revolts should not get access to any imperial techs, including spies.

Seems straight up unfair really…

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that means a match could last 2 hours, to find a villager of green color hidding on trees


yes, luckily revolts now allow you to send a card to train villagers again so you can actually trade monopoly quite easy against people that hide villagers, pretty sure every map has some native tp’s if not normal tp’s so you should always be able to start trade monopoly.

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Still +7 extra minutes of waiting around :confused:

Thank you for reviving this… Unfortunately for me (a player who actually revolts a lot with Peru, Chile and Argentina) this means that i will have a really hard time vs players who decide to hide.

If i have the gold for spies, why not? Even other minor techs should be available, like blockade, knighthood and immigrants (yes for that 10% faster training … or at least a different tech that does the same).

This was clearly an oversight, but it could be easily solved by puting spies in the TC like Asian or Native Civs have.

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This only works in some settings…either standard or classic. and in 90% of the games i play, for some reason it does not work.

Why? Why including spies? What is the reason?

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I’ve suggested this several times, its a much needed qol feature. its absence can ruin games and make them more frustrating than need be.

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