[ Question ] Have beta participants already been notified or will they be notified on August 5th?

I’m seeing mixed answers on whether those chosen have already been notified. Did invites go out today (Aug 4th) or will they be sent out tomorrow (Aug 5th)?


Tomorrow, on the 5th.

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I don’t know, someone should say who the forum administrator is here. AndyPXIII ?

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It would be good to say when the invitations will go, whether 4 or 5.

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From the FAQ:

“Most beta invitations are expected to go out on Thursday, August 5th, and will include specific access instructions. Invited participants will receive information via their preferred email address, and will also be able to confirm their invitation status on the logged in view of the Insider Landing page.”

FAQ: Age IV Closed Beta – Age of Empires Support


Look at your insider beta opportunities… next invites start at 5th August.


I am going to close this thread because I fear we are going to be swamped all day with the same questions, and we don’t want a million threads asking the same information that is already out there.