Question: how to make this map the equivalent of Western EU diplo map?


So i’ve been making a lot real world of diplomacy maps for a while, but a map that people seem to love is this one

What is it that people like about this map? i am personally not a big fan of the unrealistic stuff like connecting spain and africa thru swallows or deforming the black sea, or leaving out the UK and other places, how can I make my asia map the equivalent of this map that people seem to like a lot?

leaving the UK out makes sense. Being on an island of your own means you’re safe until someone goes heavy on water and/or transports to you. The shallows in Spain make sense again for similar reason. If there were no shallows, you need to just wall off a narrow path and you’re reasonably safe, while someone spawning in France or Germany can be attacked from any direction.

The UK would be too small on a giant map size like western EU is, so i dont think i’d be unbalanced or too op, i’d be just a secondary base with a bunch of docks

UK left EU, so we dont care about them anymore :clown_face:

Map of the Europe is most likely the most popular, because it is played by players from there…

savage, what did the brits do to deserve this treatment

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And how is that map “West EU”, more like EU and part of its colonies?