Question on graphics

Hey guys. So in AGE i want to make a unit with a lightsaber. So is what i was thinking is using the graphics of the projectile laser as the weapon, and then giving the unit that i want carrying it to have it set as projectile unit, but with a small range and no reload time, so that when attacking, it looks like he is using lightsaber. I would like to make it so that he is consistently holding it tho, but if not that, then i want him to swing it like a sword… I just don’t know how to edit the graphics tab… any ideas?

For a start you can’t edit graphics in AGE, you need SLX Studio. Secondly, unless you backed up the graphics from the game before they swapped the graphics format from SMX to SLD, you won’t be able to do anything with them. Finally, this just won’t work. You would have to manually edit thousands of frames if you wanted this. Basically, you need to learn 3D modelling and animation, and create your custom unit from scratch, and then learn how to put it ingame using SLX Studio. Here’s the SLX Studio Discord.

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Okay, thats what i was afraid of. I will figure something else out. Thanks anyway.

Why go to all this trouble just use a unit graphic from SWGB

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Intriguing, but what is SWGB? (i am dumb. Hehe)