Questionable game balance

Hey, I just wanted to point out some of the game balance decisions. With some of the civilizations (French, Rus) getting knights in feudal age, it gets harder to balance them. I am not only speaking about 1v1, because in 1v1s you can make pikes to counter them and call it a day.

But, the problem arises in team games where your ally could make archers to kill the pikes and the knights would not have any counter to them. This feels super imbalanced and overpowered because the knights can not only be countered without pikes but adds up a critical mass in feudal age.

If you add more knights in feudal age, there is very little chance that other civs would be outnumber them with knights in castle age. This knights in feudal age feels super broken as you can technically say that pikes counter knights but making pikes will lose you the map control which is very important in team games.

Why is available one age a thing in AoE4? It became a thing in AoE2 and still a lot of people hate civs like cumans in team games and other gimmicky civs.

Coming back to the topic, I feel like this should be balanced either by weakening the stats of the knights just above the stats of horseman or moving knights to castle age. Oh yes, also knights cost more resources than horsemen but the civs like Rus and French have a lot of early bonuses to offset them.

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This was an issue in beta test already…
Knight is too strong.