Questions about campaign medals

So I finished every campaign missions and a few historical battles on hard difficulty before the patch, but in the patch notes it states that “Missions that were completed before this feature was implemented will automatically receive the Bronze-tier medal”. Does this mean people who finished most campaign missions on hard and want to achieve gold medals have to replay every single mission? I have end-game saves for most of the missions, even though reloading every save to finish in 10 or more minutes is very time consuming. Is there no way to implement a way to help people like me save some time to get those gold medals?


yeah its really annoying… i mean inst there any data base about what difficulty did players finish the campaigns on? i finished like 7 campaigns on hard too. but all of them have bronze medal :confused: and i reaaaaally dont feel like replaying them for getting gold
i hope they address this problem on later patches

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Of course it was not saved previously, on what difficulty were scenarios beaten, because that information was not needed for anything.

Don’t worry too much about medals. You know, that you have beaten them, and this is what is important :slight_smile:
No one usually really cares about anyone else’s medals anyway :smiley: Similar case for achievements.

Yeah, I finnished roughly half of the campaigns and im also miffed. I want my hard earned gold medals. Especially since I don’t have all of the endgame saves.

What OwnAirplane3203 already said: they likely only stored whether you finished a level or not, which is required to determine what levels are shown on the map. So the ‘best’ they can do is giving you a bronze medal for finishing it. If they had the information, they would probably have given everyone the correct medals. With the large amount of campaigns, at least you can now see much quicker which campaigns you finished already.


I guess I have to replay them now. I don’t mind replaying the missions, although some of the RotR missions are annoying. What I don’t like is this “punishes” people who finished campaign on hard before, and it’s not rewarding for people like me who spent hours to experience and appreciate the changes the devs made in the campaigns.

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I’m glad I’m not the only who think this. I hope they’ll give the correct medals to people who finished the campaign in hard mode.

Version 101.101.34055.0 4495784

I did half of all the campaigns on “hard” difficulty before the last big patch, but they only gave me bronze medals. They should have recognized me the gold medals. Can they fix it?

Patch notes explained that before the update.

Game most likely didn’t had a track of the difficulty in which you completed the campaign, just that you did.


Indeed. It’s not a bug.

I heard that hard was actually moderate and viceversa before was patched, doesnt change our bronze medals tho

It’s the two swords and three swords symbols indicating the general campaign difficulty got wrong, not the difficulty for each missions.

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Maybe if I squint real hard they’ll look gold.

My OCD will cause me to go back and redo the campaign I’ve done. But that’s no trouble. It’s not like forgetting to save on a memory card at least.

I suggest people to not fell in love too much with their medals. AOE 2 has a tendency to sometimes lose campaign progress and this might cause some people to endlessly earn their gold medals again and again :smiley: