Questions about the current version of the top player matchmaking mechanism

帝国时代4多人匹配前50名玩家匹配范围是否太大了? 在扩大范围之后,能够匹配到 200 名之后玩家,游戏体验很差。 官方能否缩小匹配范围? (机翻)
Is Age of Empires 4 Multiplayer Matchmaking Top 50 Player Matching Range Too Big? After expanding the scope, being able to match 200 players later, the game experience is very poor. Can the official narrow the matching range? (machine flip)

Among the top 50 players on the 1 vs 1 ladder, 26 are inactive for more than 1 day.

Of the remaining 24, you have different global locations for them, therefore, they are entering matchmaking at different times, resulting in games against one another at a lower rate than would be the case if they were all active.

It is essential that the system match them with an opponent in a reasonable number of minutes than search in vain for an opponent of equal ELO to become available.

Maybe I didn’t make it clear. In fact, what I want to say more is 3v34v4. My ranking is about 1000. However, the top 10 teams played one by one

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Ah, I see. This can be a problem for you and others. At times there is definitely too much of an ELO spread to make playing a 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 any fun at all due to great imbalance in skill causing impossible situations for one team.

Team games should not work within the same parameters are 1 vs 1 for that reason, so I agree that there should be a reduction in the ELO spread for team games.

Therefore, I hope the official can adjust the matching range of top ranked players (3v34v4), which has affected the game entertainment of non professional players.

Thanks for your understanding.

Moreover, I looked at the winning streak of the top 50 players. There are many winning streak of 10, 20, 30 and even 40 in each mode. It is clear that high segmentation and low segmentation are completely abusing vegetables, which greatly affects the game experience of the four novices in the era of Empire, which will reduce the number of players in the game.