Questions About Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Hi everyone, I am very new to playing Age of Empires somewhat seriously. I have played AoE I when I was a kid for a bit but didn’t touch it for many many years, and am now starting to play AoE II DE online.

Yesterday, in my 13th (the coincidence…) ever ranked game, I had my first encounter with unsportsmanlike conduct and I have some questions about it. Basically what happened is I messed up my feudel age herrassment badly and he knightrushed me to which I basically had no answer. Immediately he started typing “11”, “ezzz”, “go home”, “you are so noob”, “play sims” and so on. It’s actually a bit funny because he had more than 10x the amount of games played in ranked and has pretty much the same rating as me.

So regarding to this I have some questions:
Is it common or possible to report behaviour like this? And if so, how do you do it? I played a lot of World of Tanks for example and there we had a button for unsportsmanlike conduct.
And more pressingly: is this behaviour common or not at all? I will say that my contact with the other 12 opponents was either non existent or friendly, but if this kinda stuff is very common I don’t know if I feel like investing a lot of time in these games. It leaves a sour feeling I think we can all agree. I’m okay te be beaten badly and try to learn from it, but please just don’t go insulting someone who is playing a worse game than you are.

Most players are very kind in this community.
And ofc basically every player who is in a solid mental condition.

Always think of it, that guy must basically need to insult you. So he actually is in a bad mental state himself. If you let him in your mind you basically give him what he wants, to share his mental pain with you.

If you don’t let him in your mind, hes just a poor guy who seems to need to make others down to suppress his own pain.


grow a thick skin or disable chat at the start of the game if you are the sensitive type, time 30 year olds who never were exposed to the brutality of life also learn to suck it up and not always ask for a “go to mommy” or “report” button.

I play this game fairly often and most people are neutral, probably 1 in 20 games at most you encounter a “toxic” person and if you can’t deal with toxicity in games, probably online games are not for you and that guy is right, you should stick to sims.

I’m not sure why people like to do this projection, some people like to be toxic online, some not, it really comes down to the specific individual. I don’t think it’s true that people who behave in a rude way have psychological problems, it comes down to the specific case/individual/upbringing and his life experiences. Let’s not try to generalize here in an attempt to have the moral high ground.

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If he needs to insult others he should not complain about them taking the moral high ground. It’s basically an invitation to do so.
If he doesn’t like this he can stop insulting people for no reason. Problem solved.


Luckily this behaviour is really uncommon, but it sometimes happens. But that is pretty rare.

ok to be honest I agree with you, but I think OP is way way exaggerating the extent of the problem. Mute, report and move on if you must but some people get upset way too easily in the current generation.

Yes you can, but it is fine to ignore it, who cares?

When the game finished, there will be “!” mark on the player icon, click it and report.

No, it is not common, it is rare, and if it happened it will be funny.

Thanks all! Appreciate the replies that’s pretty much all my questions answered real fast.

Don’t report people just because they somehow managed to offend you.

I mean, I appreciate what you are saying, and it’s not that I can’t deal with but it’s just not (or less) fun to play in an environment where people are toxic all the time (for me at least), that’s what I’m trying to gauge. And yes if a game community is very toxic I will rather go play sim games like cities skylines, rct or ksp, although the sims itself is totally not my taste. That’s not something I’m ashamed of at all to be honest.
Luckily it seems from these replies that aoe is generally very friendly.

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Here’s your solution, mute them

problem solved …

no need to make an big post complaining about it, when even in game they give you a report option

Yeah, but that’s actually hat I mean. I am so new I didn’t even know you could mute and report so thanks for the tip.
And this post is mainly to ask and gauge if this will happen often and that worked quite well.

I have played hundreds of ranked games, and maybe less than five times has an opponent said anything even remotely “toxic”. I find it more common for random teammates in 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 to start yelling at fellow teammates who aren’t as “good” as they are, or if they don’t follow a build order exactly.

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Haha yes I can relate to this very well from other games I played online. Toxicity within a team is far more common.

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Unfortunately there is a small percentage of players that feels the need to do this. It is the kind of player I hope a professional player encounters and then rushes to gg with militia, just to make them mad beyond relief.

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