Quick Match questions

Hey there,

Can anybody answer me these two questions?

01 - Why can’t I see which team my opponents select in the Quick Match untill the game starts?
02 - Is it possible to search only for non Wonder games? Is it the first player who enters the Quick Match who selected if it should be a Wonder victory or not? I would like to back out of Wonder games … or not search for them at all really
03 - Who selected the map? Is it the first player who enters the Quick Match?

Great game, absolutely love it! Good job Relic and keep these patches coming

  1. nobody can, quick matching is totally random so you cant plan your civ strategy in advance
  2. its no possible, quick matching includes all victory modes and all the pool of maps
  3. the system selects it randomly

In custom games you can see and modify all these things.

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