Quick Play should allow conquest victory

Quick play would be nice to have the option to change to conquest. Not everyone cares for wonder/relic victories.

just an opinion.

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They probs decided to make it standard victory so that there are more differences with ranked. But I noticed people play as if it was conquest anyway. After all it is the favourite settings of the community so it’s no big surprise.

No one really cares about quick play at all. I consider this feature as a failure. It kind of combines the weaknesses of the ranked queue and a lobby together without any benefits. No surprise to me it wont succeed.

Are there even games going on in Quivk play?

I use quick play when I don’t have friends online. I find it hard sometimes to find a room in unrated … for “noob” games my team ELO is too high and I get booted and for other games I’m too low or I get annihilated… so with quick if I don’t feel like rated it’s usually a decent game aside from the occasional relic or wonder victory when I forget this setting