Quick Question About the Latest Big Update

Hey guys, so in the latest big content update (44725) I noticed the change:

Fixed an issue where the projectiles of some ranged military—most notably gunpowder units—would be less accurate than intended.

To what extent does this buff gunpowder? Like, are they much better now and more accurate/efficient, or are we talking like minor bug fixes (like arquebus or something)?

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What I’m even more curious about is that, what do they mean by “some ranged military—most notably gunpowder units”

It doesn’t sound like only gunpowder units are more accurate.


Besides conquistadores, jannisaries, HC and organ guns, maybe the bug affected andean slingers and fire galleys (basically any not-arrow projectile with some spread). Byzantine Fire galleys were less accurate after researching UT (more range, but failing more targets), for example.

I am curious if this make shatagni a more viable UT for indians. And arquebus for portoguese, of course.

I think the best wat to test the change is with arquebus HC. If they now can hit a hussar in movement, it means they have fixed the trajectorie calculation (before, the equation considered the bullet to have an arrow speed which is false, thus HC still performing as they didnt have ballistics)

Another infamous bug was the conquistador one. This bug caused that the hit/miss chance was calculated only once, and the units keep hitting/missing if they dont nove after firing the first time. But i dont think this bug caused them to fail more, instead they keep failing or hitting which was weird.

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My guess is they fixed the later one with conqs. It might have actually affected more units but we just never noticed.

I have tested in the editor.

Enemy: Several HC behind a tree line.
My first army: 12 elite berskers walking in the front of the tree line.
My second army: 6 cuman hussars running the same way
My third army: a solitary cuman hussar

I have tested portoguese HC, burgundians, spanish and indians.

After rhe test, now I think arquebus is fixed! Portoguese HC hitted a lot of times, even against solitary hussars (unlike the video posted here in july). They were the only ones that killed a berseker, and they killed 4 of them…

Burgundians and spanish HC had bad performance against massed armies but didnt hit the solitary hussar even once.

Indians HC missed almost every shot.
Please, fix shatagni so it gives indians HC a bit less unaccuracy spread, because their performance was hilariously bad.

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I think that this cover the shatagni and arquebus UT, along with greek fire UT for the byzantines.

This UT should theoretically just having the HC (or BBC, CG, BBT) shooting at the point where the unit is going, not where it is. But they should still miss that 100% accuracy, meaning that the bullet should, so if the bullet follows the hussar (to name a fast unit) but don’t hit it, it’s still fine.

Shatagni instead, should just give them +1 range, it wasn’t planned in the beginning to improve their accuracy, because they did not though that giving more range to the most in accurate unit in the game could have been pointless…

So I’m not surprised that it wasn’t fixed, because it’s was just a matter of some numbers to be adjusted, but it was simply bad designed at the start…

Now, I’m not an expert, so I’m not sure… but in theory, +1 range is roughly an 15% increase of the range, so buffing the accuracy of the HC from 65% to 80% may solve the problem.

The problem is, this isn’t a fix, is a pure buff, because then the HC will be consistently stronger at any range. It would also require a new effect added to the UT, because if I’m not mistaken, it’s not something considered at all in the stats that the UT goes to change.

The base HC didn’t have any problems technically, so their bad accuracy is how they are supposed to be. In the end those rely on other bonuses:

  • spanish → more bullets → more chances that some of them hit something
  • burgundians → higher damage → higher damage to stray bullets too
  • italians → more units ->more bullets → some of them much it something…
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HC have 65% accuracy, so 65% bullets should hit moving targets.

But the bullet speed is not being taken in account (arrow speed is higher than bullet’s one).

This is the video I meant. https://youtu.be/niU5LsGVSDI.

Few bullets impact the knight. Of course, it is a solitary knight; against massed units it would be better.

Shatagni HC are still good against massed units in frontal combat

In my test, arquebus HC impacted the first elite berseker of the squad a lot of times, so the the fourth firsr units in the line died