Quick temperatue check on the patch

Should they have removed Delhi from the game?

  • Yes
  • No, its not necessary with the nerfs, no one will play them anyway.

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What nerfs? They got rebalanced.


They are now unplayable.

Could you explain why that would be the case?

They moved the sacred site push, increased tech time late game, broken horsemen even further, and moved their MAA upgrade. To name a few. Now the only strategy against Delhi will be an early game Ram/Bowman push and there is literally nothing they can go against it. They totally broke the civ. Its useless now.

A very funny poll by the way! xD

I think the whole patch except some, is just ridiculous.
Many people are upset.
Springalds will dominate the game…

What, you cant capture sacred sites in 5 minutes so you cant win the game? Give me a break…

The tech-time rebalance was overall a buff to them imo. Their weakest point is in the is early game, so being able to skip a mosque/scholars for some time w/o sacrificing tech so hard (e.g. now it wont take 7 minutes to research wheelbarrow…) will allow you to divert those resources to actual military or defenses.

It seems Relic wants Delhi to have a lot of scholars as their vision of Delhi’s late-game infrastructure (akin to China building every Dynasty building), and the change allows players to start garrisoning scholars at a later point in the game when their economy is more developed.

Additionally, this change will lessen the dominance of Dome of the Faith vs. Tower of Victory (Age 2 Landmarks) as early scholars are now less efficient.

It’s a good rebalance that fits with their theme well, but I would’ve liked to see Delhi have early Elephant or Lancer or something to help really shore up their bad early game.


You’re a fool if you think capturing early sites was about winning. It is literally the only option to stop the bowman ram push. They have zero option at the 7-10 minutes mark and your post all but admits that.

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Because early tech is faster now.

You shouldn’t have problems with scholars when in imp.

They got ranged armor for a bit less HP, they are now more specialized against archers/siege and less useful against melee units. But as Delhi you can spam units anyway so who cares.

You mean honed swords? Worse, they excluded MAA from that tech entirely, but is still available in castle age. I guess they want you to produce elephants instead of MAA.

I would argue they are now less limited in their options, since free tech in early game was more of a penalty than a bonus.

Since tech penalty now scales, I guess build order guides will now include tech order as well, since you might want to research something before it gets more difficult to research.

Rams have less health and are slower


Early tech doesn’t make horsemen counter longbows. “A bit less HP” == more than 20% decrease.

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Too bad there’s nothing in the patch notes saying that they made the Tower of Victory work properly (it didn’t even apply to MAA before the patch, probably still doesn’t)

Also Delhi will have a noticeably better eco now with the research time buff. Will have to see how long sacred sites are delayed, now you will have to go feudal earlier but at least the research time decreased.

  1. With scholars you can outproduce a longbow spammer, and horsemen have additional ranged armor.
  2. Rams got nerfed.
  3. Longbows can’t throw around their healing camps anymore which made them difficult to deal with.

I wasn’t aware of this, i guess another reason why I see everyone skip the Tower Kappa

By the way @DustyMuffMan , I know perfectly well delhi doesn’t literally win the game off sacred sites, but instead leverage the insane gold advantage from the free gold income of holding sites to fast tech into castle age (staying longer in dark age, but more or less skipping fuedal).

I think Delhi just needs another Civ bonus - they have like the shortest list of listing bonuses of any civ - early lancers should have been moved from Mongol to Delhi

Horsemen are worse off v archers by 1 shot. Which likely means even worse off to LBs.

And vastly worse off vs literally everything else…

They barely even touched English or French and Mongols. The 3 most OP civs. But nono let’s nerf an already handicapped Civ into the ground hahaha. Good old Lelic

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