Quickmatch Playlist Populated with AI?

So, today I downloaded the new build for the game and tried finding a game. It appears the lobby browser is completely dead, so I decided to do a quickmatch under the ‘Multiplayer’ tab. The game eventually matched me with a player I asssumed would be human, but based of their gameplay, lack of communication, and no valid username it appears to be a computer.

Trying to figure out if this game is completely dead or what is going on.

It’s strange because if you try the old build you see at least 5 games about to be launched at any time. But on the new build, the one with crossplay with Steam, I have only seen one game once, apart from that nothing.

I guess people just didn’t make the switch to the new build for some reason.

hopefully we see an influx of players over the next few days as I’ve been enjoying getting back into the series.

Yeah I was camping quickmatch today at noon to test it and this seems to be the case. If you wait long enough without a match it will match you against an AI.

So you have to reset your quickmatch search at intervals to avoid this, kind of annoying if you ask me.

Unless the couple opponents I met were just very, very weird players xD

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