Quickmatch Settings, change pop cap to 200

Currently the quickmatch settings for 1v1 are played on a large(4 players) map with 50 population limit. It can be argued whether the large(4 players) map is preferred over medium(2 players) size but 50 population limit is too low! Almost all custom games are played at 200 or 250. Quickmatch should reflect this.

PS. Is the only map set up for quickmatch rivers? If it is so could we change this to random?


All the setting are random, played match on all type of map and even the population, i played on 250 and 50, i believe to have some in between but cannot be certain as my memory may play with me.

But the map is always Large, could be cool if it was random between 2 and 4 as gameplay may be different on each, smaller map making rush a “must do” while larger may allow a bronze strat.

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Yeah I got a 250 Highland on normal speed yesterday so the settings seem to jump around.

We really should have a default setup for these that applies to all quickmatches.