Quit megarandom from map pool

Megarandom might be funny to play with friends, but megarandom as a ranked map?? Really?. This maps sometimes has like 100 deers or 50 cows, and certain civs like mongols and tartars are just so better that it is actually unfare.

We have been playing this bad map sinse DE release I think. There are many better maps (ghost lake, mongolia, lombardia, blackforest etc).
Why keeping megarandom?


because a sizeable part of community enjoys it and has insisted to keep it as a reg

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The food sources on Megarandom should definitely be more standard and there should be a limit in the difference to standard food sources (i.e. no more than 3 boars, at least 6 sheep etc.) because of civ balance. Otherwise the map is more suited for competetive play than Black Forest or Nomad, both of which are in the competitive pool right now. Megarandom as a competitive map makes sense because it rewards players who can better adapt to different maps on the spot.

I made a thread for suggestions for new maps. If it would be up to me, we swap MegaRandom out of the map pool.

At every level, it is one of the least played maps. At higher levels, the map is even less popular. Maps can be quite unfair and there isnt much variaty in the pick civs. I dont see any reason to have it into the game.

For me there are too much hybrid maps in the current map pool (I put MegaRandom also under Hybrid, because it can be anything). I would swap it out in favor of a more open map.

Its top 3 most banned maps across all levels mate. MegaRandom and Nomad are considered the worst of the map pool atm.

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I can’t imagine having to play a map like mega random ranked, it’s just insanity :joy:

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I’d love to see it used in tournaments with pros just for the luls.

megarandom and nomad are the only random maps in the pool

i’m not saying megrandom is good (it often isn’t) and nomad has been ruined ever since they made houses 25 wood, but the RANDOM MAP mode should have most of the maps actually be random maps. replacing everything unique with a different variant of a wall & boom snoozefest isn’t fun. we have enough of those already

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