Quite Important! Professional Scouts tech is only doing about 30% of what it says

Added after @SavageEmpire566 replied. There is still an issue with incorrect damage being dealt by scouts. Different civs being impact asymmetrically by the same tech, not doing correct damage with the tech to boars, wolves and in some cases deer.

TLDR-Professional scouts tech isn’t giving scouts the ability to carry boar carcass nor is it giving them the correct damage vs wolves or boars even though the tech should as it states apply to all animal carcasses and wild animals. It seems that it effects some civs differently and is currently functioning at its worst on the Rus (arguably the largest user of the tech)

For those of you unfamiliar- Professional Scouts is a technology that can be researched at the Mill, Hunting Cabin or Ger starting in the Feudal Age for 75 wood and 275 gold. Once the 1min 15sec research time is complete, Scouts gain the ability to carry animal carcasses and deal +200% damage against wild animals (300% total).
However that isn’t true…

Scout stats.

Most importantly we can see the 3 ranged damage the scout utilizes when attacking wild animals.
This leads to a damage calculation of the base dmg of 3 - the targets armor

  • 3 dmg to deer with 0 armor 3-0=3
  • 3 dmg to wolves with 0 armor 3-0=3
  • 1 dmg to boars with 4 armor 3-4= -1 (but in age 4 you must deal at least 1 dmg per attack)
    So far so good. Also we arent able to pick up any animal carcasses without the tech =)

What should happen post upgrade is that when a scout attacks a wild animal its base damage of three should add 200% dmg or 3+(3*2) which should deal 9 dmg - the targets armor
-3 dmg is dealt to deer the calculation don’t seem to have changed to reflect the new damage
-3 dmg is dealt to wolves
-1 dmg is dealt to the boar
Yet we are able to pick up the carcass of deer and sheep. The “boar carcass” cant be picked up

Tested in a custom game on the Rus using standard settings

Additional testing done with English. Game settings were Feudal, high resources, revealed map. The scouts one shot deer, did 6 dmg vs wolves and 2 vs boar

(all information pulled from the game itself as well as the age 4 wiki 2021-11-15T07:00:00Z)

Thank you @Messionic! Professional Scouts does not allow a Scout to pickup a Boar carcass. We’ll work on editing the tooltip to reflect this.

Correcting those values is something we are also working on.

Appreciate the report!