QUITTERs RUINED TEAM GAMES. Map hackers ruin 1v1

I wonder if ranked team will change anything about team game 3v3 and 4v4 . Right now every game someone drops in 1st 2 min and thats that.
Everything about team is bad right now. only hackers and quitters. Just terrible
I can mabe stand 1 or 2 game and i just play some other game. its just makes me mad even when i win. its just bad


Hello. I face this too in AO2 (not AO4). And yes it happens too often. I’m not sure of AO4 vs AO2 happening more times or less times. But the principle stays the same no matter the “Age”. This is done to artificially:

  1. directly lower a quitter player ELO (so he can play with lower tier brackets);

  2. indirectly lower each of the team ELO scores - by making a 4vs4 game into a 3vs4, the pressure is added in the team of 3 and if players have similar gameskills the team of 3 will lose most of the times. I mean one player will face 2 against him at one time or another, overwhelming him…

Either ways, this trashes the game and makes it immediately unfair, and rigged for the team with lesser player. It is essentially a scam. You sign up for a 4vs4 and you get cheated by a desertor, a traitor a scumbag to lower your elo.

Anytime you face this, report the player in game and in the description you can say “Early quit”. You can also submit a ticket here Submit a request – Age of Empires Support with additional proof if you want.

But you were fine with it when one of the opponents dropped in one of your recent games.

Your sense of fairness [TheConqueror753] is amazing. It’s never acceptable to play 3vs4 early on if you sign to a 4vs4 game. You will lose most of times and even you luckily win it’s always an extra burden on staying players and it’s just an unfair play. Not fun, not fair. I am against 3vs4 games and I think they should not count on elo score.

I also did not see in pup that the cost of the wonder depends on the number of players

Team game are the most unfun thing I ever played. There bad there cheap and there just frustrating.
1v1 is boring af get a 5 villager lead and win yea. its all lame


AoE2 has kind of shown that timeouts tend to hit innocent people, and cause a lot of controversy. It’s not like you have to play the game while you wait for it to change if you don’t want to.

At the very least Relic should make dropped players resources shared and give control to all remaining like SC2 dose. Then you have a chance mabe.
The AI sucks bad and dose not even take over when someone drops after 1 min into game.
Someone drops its game over right then

I wish AoE2 did that, or have a bot take over. I imagine it would be nice for AoE4 as well.

yep. then at least if you have the extra resources and higher skilled players you have a chance to come back. Gives you hope other then just surrendering if someone drops. Then the game can continue a bit anyways.
With the new landmark victory conditions in team games this would fit right in.
Ok you all rushed and killed one player that droped but he still has villagers and can mule resources to the remaining players on the team.

This needs to be a thing

1v1 is a map hack fest on top of everything else. No reason to even play ranked unless cheat

I think some of these min 1 drops or loading screen drops are game crashes.

I’ve experiencied some, and also a friend. And when playing with premades in the other team when someone dropped like this thei notice you that he crashed and re-do the game…

They must solve this and map hacking before apply bans.

Also a reconnection system must be implemented. An AI should take control and at least continue producing villagers, and in 1-2 min you are back in the game with minor disadvantage.

Last week i encontuer a drop hacker in ranked 1vs1 (first time ever). De sync error appears while i’m ramming down his landmark.
But the system give me points as a win. So it’s not a problem at all in 1vs1

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They’re not going to solve any issues with TG’s in season 3, because why would they? Ppl asked ranked and they’re giving ranked without single thought on if its good idea or not.

I have said for months that if TG’s get ranked it will be failure and we’re more and more leaning towards massive failure than succeed.

Im 2v2 sole player with random teammate and I can tell you rn its shitfest to play like this and only idiotic masochist like myself is actually doing it.

Essentially its close to impossible to climb up to 1800 elo or higher for various reasons and leavers are one of them. One day I went 9 wins 3 losses and ended up -50 elo and this is norm for me and those 2 out of 3 were because ally left or was afk. Whenever I get to +1600-1700 I get teamed up with leaver or player who is considerably lower elo till I drop to 1500 and start climbing back.

I never really believed in elo hell but in AOE4 2v2 such shit exists. Ofc I have long way to go till Im really good, but still there is too many factors that are not my own gameplay that causes this.

Then there is the issue where players use either alt accounts or low elo player to boost their main elo to higher. I have met this chinese lettered player couple of times. He is +2.2k elo while his ally is always 1k elo while this player isn’t exactly someone who is actually 1k elo but they use this method to boot higher elo for high elo player.

Essentially TG ranked is and will be massive failure and only masochist would want to play it unless player is literally using all the tricks on their sleeve for their advantage to rise their elo. Play with someone who is actually 1500-2500 elo and have them play on 1k elo account and rotate this to gain more points than you deserve and play with premade. Even if players are mediocore they still get to top 100 if not top10 easily with this.

oh boy, is this game similar to AGE2 where plagued with hackers?

I don’t think so, I’ve playing a lot of games in 1v1 QM/RM lately and I haven’t encountered anythin suspicious.