Radical Idea that will fix the all of the problems with the Ottoman Empire

Hear me out, this might sound like ramblings from a madman.
but I swear, I thought this out through and through.
I love the Ottomans, but apparently, there is a ton of issues with them.
But there is an easy way to fix it.

How about, We remove the Ottomans. Completely! Perhaps add the Moroccans, Byzantines or perhaps even Chola as a replacement.

That way we can completely remove all the problems regarding the Ottomans once and for all!


lol, that’s like suggesting to throw months of development time and thousands of $$$$ in the trash, problems can be fixed, you madman!


haha What do you think if you uninstall the game and get rid of all the problems… I feel sorry for others that they continue to answer this thread


Surely you realize he is joking right?

Because we’re just all just so sick of the constant Ottoman spam, that some people wish they just were never added. Also, some of the people spamming about Ottomans make it sound like they’re absolutely terrible.

Also, TsushimaBlade is another alt account.


What is up with the alt accounts being created? Surely, that ain’t good to do.

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I agree OP. It is better than having unhistorical, bad reflected civ. Devs should make other civs bad reflected and unhistorical and other forum members should whine at the forum.:slight_smile:



i preffer AN ACTUAL RELEVANT EMPIRE of that time thanks

I dunno about you. but… Battle of Alcácer Quibir was quite significant.
in just a single grand battle.
This “insignificant” empire, defeated the portuguese and quite literally “destroyed” the empire in technical terms.
As the porguese lost most of its nobility and royal crown and thus spain claimed the inheritance of the entire portuguese empire.

The Morroccans also utterly defeated and destroyed the Songhai Empire, the predecessor of the Malian empire.
Plunging west africa into complete chaos which then developted and fueled the massive SxLxAxVxExTxRxAxDxE coming from this region.
Because West africa got defragmented and tribes vying for power. As Trading slaves became more and more important in order to trade with Europeans and Arabs for wealth, prestige and most importantly, Armament.
Not to mention before all of this, it was the Morroccans, to be more exact, their predecessors who rules most of the Spanish peninsula for several centuries. And played a very important role into the history of Reconquista.

For a pretty “unrelevant” empire for its time, It sure did a lot of major things.

At least there is Age of 3. Age of 3 devs add Deli cav, azaps to the game. Age of 3 is greatest than age of 4 ever. Age of 3 devs are great.

it did a lot of relevant things BUT ON THEIR TIME THEY were not as relevant as the spanish/portuguese empire or hell! even japan!

Not the spanish peninsula , its not our peninsula , its iberia . And yeah they were important since we were their “colony” Al-Andalus , they still lost to the reconquista at the battle of granada .

Fun fact al-andalus is yet not to be lost , yeah the muslim thing is over but Al-andalus is an autonomic comunity of spain , nowdays its called “Andalucia” but it cames from the name “Andalus” of the old muslim province :slight_smile:

what the heck is going on in these forums lol

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