We don’t agree on squat.
They indeed need a nerf, it’s only a matter of time before people catch on.


rajputs have been good since day 1 of DE, but this rof thing makes them snowball quite well, they get that second hit in before nearly any other unit and their speed means you dont get to pick your fights as an opponent. It seems they’re beating muskets in small fights early on and players are catching onto that.

We’ll see how rajputs look in a few weeks when the patch meta settles but i think they’ll need a revert or partial revert


I mean why shouldn’t they beat a musk in melee? The rajput costs more resources has the same HP and melee resist and has more hand attack as it should for that price. The rajput may well lose if a musk gets a shot off first but in 1v1 melee combat they should win vs musk. Even with it’s old stats it beat musk even more so.

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Hi, i want to see how it happens, do you have rec games to show me or can you do a high level 1v1 or even team match to show that or both so let’s see if 1v1 or team is broken or balanced.

after testing in a few admittedly casual situations (like +20% ai) i think they do snowball a bit too hard but its not easy to pull off, which means its a bit frustrating to play

when they win an engagement they tend to win decisively due to the ROF and they also have enough speed and siege to just march towards the base and roll over buildings and its basically over india also has that tiger tech that has a bonus against light infantry for some reason so mass rajputs, tigers and eles are fun if not cheesy

but its not completely consistent fight to fight so you are just incentivesed to spam them until you get a decisive engagement and then its over

which tbh is kinda the problem with a lot of the unblanced and polarising units in the game, its not wholly consistent but they snowball kinda hard so when you are on the losing end its very hard to recover, which is not fun for anyone.

I kinda like their rof change, it does give them an interesting role in the indian comp a possible raj+mahout+urumi comp maybe an interesting take on the rod+lancer comp that spain has/

But they probably should be more like rods and not have high siege also their cost should probably be rebalanced to be more wood heavy to slow down spamability more like 70/50 or something


I am going to have to agree with this one. Rajputs are very effective right now and are capable of countering the musket ball. Skirmishers stand no chance as well, because they don’t have melee resist. Only answer is cannon. Considering india has free wood upgrades and quite a lot of wood tickles, by the time of age 3 it’s really easy to zerg your opponent with rajputs, and not much they can do about it.

I suggest adding 15 wood to their price.


Genuine question: is countering the musk ball a bad thing? They cost a lot more than a musketeer.


They do less damage to units than before and they still cost wood which you need for villiagers. They’re only a little more vital now that sepoys have been nerfed,

That was what I was saying earlier on. Musk aren’t a counter to rajputs they’re both heavy infantry so in melee the rajput should definitely win. People don’t seem to take into account the price either, they’re like 25% more expensive than a musk. Skirms also lose vs anything in melee.

Yeah this is it, people are complaining about the unit when it’s got an overall nerf to damage, only siege has been buffed significantly. You only see them now because sepoy got rightfully nerfed, they were an oppressive unit age 2.

Yes, muskets are supposed to soft counter melee infantry. In order to counter something in any way, you have to win cost efficently aganst that something.


Muskets are not supposed to soft counter melee infantry. They did it all this time, but that’s not their role. A soft counter is by definition an unintended counter. Like ERK soft countered muskets and have now been nerfed.

They are generalists at range and only supposed to counter cavalry in melee.

As far as I see, the devs are trying to give melee infantry a bigger role in the game, which I find is a good thing. Otherwise why do anything apart from Musk/huss or skirm/goon or the age old meta stuff…


unironically, what is the intended melee counter now? grens? :joy:

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Dragoons with 20 characters.:laughing:

Do heavy infantry units usually have a melee counter? Or light infantry a ranged counter? Melee and ranged are their strengths respectively. What counters both of them is artillery.


Light infantry have ranged counters now. Pandours. And schiavone.

But yes, they can’t be trained predictably unless you’re playing a certain civ.

uh, artillery is the obvious answer for ranged counter to ranged infantry

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Oh sorry I misread. You asked about melee counters to melee. So dragoons won’t do.

There’s none. Just don’t engage melee infantry in melee.
Unless you got better melee. It works fine in AoE2.

to better state my question with more nuances and context:

high damage melee infantry is usually slow and can be kited relatively easily, the fast heavy inf is usually very low dmg at base and so they dont dps down cannon and skirms very well.

muskets as generalists usually can act as a decent meatshield against any melee infantry long enough for artillery or skirms to deal with the melee deathba

Rajputs being both speedy and high(ish) dmg with also high siege now are a bit of an issue because they have neither the weakness of slowness or low dmg

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I’m talking about same type of unit/damage, that’s siege damage and I said that.

no, you said there is no ranged counter to ranged inf lol