Rams shouldn't attack farms

Considering recent attempts to make rams more useful, I feel rams would be easier to use if they just couldn’t attack farms. It would help reducing their pathing issues and also make them target other buildings faster.
If making farms “unattackable” by rams is too much, then reduce the preference of rams to attack farms. Rams already have preference list where they don’t attack units unless commanded to do so.


I agree. And also stop all other unit to attack farm since farm is a reuseable resource that villagers can capture. There is no point for unit to destory resource whilte it is farmable

BTW current unit do ignore opponent 0% farm and you need to manually click on it to destory it


Good idea, and it would be more realistic. A ram should be useless on a wheat field. But I would prefer they ignore the farms than make the farms “unattackable”. The farms should be still attackable but with low damages (like on army units for example, 1 or 2 damage).

Im against this because it simplifies the game too much. Then what is the next step ? Infantry avoid attacking a castle if opponent have murder holes ? Army avoid attacking walls if it’s open somewhere ? Bombard canons target trebs in priority ? The success of this game is based on the fact that multitasking and micro/macro are some core necessary skills.

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They should make it so that ram won’t attack a farm unless specifically commanded to do so.


This argument perfectly againist your ram shouldn’t attack farm idea. Not sure whether you think it is Slippery slope or not but it just againist yourself.

BTW unit current do not attack 0% farm and I think unit including ram attack farm is actually a bug. I will report it to devs and see what happen

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Yes I agree and need make slow down speed unit when walk pass farm too. -_- many things need right


But Siege Elephants should attack farms, as they will just be always distracted and just have a snack without being ordered to go somewhere else 11


This is just a slippery slope logical fallacy. Anything applied in the extreme is naturally bad.

Example: “Why do villagers repeatedly gather more wood after being tasked only once? I only tasked them to gather wood once. The game is playing for me because it automatically tells the villager to keep gathering wood. It should stop at one wood and wait for me to tell it what to do next. The success of this game is based on the fact that multitasking and micro/macro are some core necessary skills.”

If you don’t like the idea then that’s fine but nobody should be convinced by this line of argument.

Units don’t attack enemy herdables by default. Yeah, there are definitely times I’d WANT to attack herdables (or farms) but by default I don’t usually want to attack enemy herdables (or farms). Imagine a civ that got a unique building, we’ll call it a pasture. It’s for all intents and purposes a farm but in the middle there’s a cow we milk for food that can’t move with 480hp. In what universe should I expect that my units won’t attack a herdable found in the wild by enemy by default, but also would go hog wild, if an enemy villager builds that sheep.

There are some concerns about implementation given unit LOS, can it find another building, does it switch if it finds a better building, etc. but considering the game ALREADY exhibits this behavior in certain situations it seems rational to me that it’d be consistent across the board.


This is an excellent analogy! I guess giving players the option to attack is the better option rather than making farms unattackable.

Other units already have this behaviour so I don’t think it will be hard to implement same logic for rams too.


In my experience, they are not as hard to navigate as the Rams. But still, making preference changes for them too is logical.

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I glossed over it but the situation that came to mind was a ram where only and enemy farm was within their LOS. Other buildings are around, you as the player can see that, but they’re beyond the rams LOS. What should happen then?

I don’t have an answer for that.

You could have the ram just not attack the farm. You could have the ram target the farm and commit to attack the farm even if a higher priority building is then seen because the ram moved. You could have the ram move towards the farm but allow it to switch to a higher priority target should it see one on the way to the farm.

I don’t know which is the best solution. There may be other solutions or edge cases I’m not considering.

In the case of the herdable, units just don’t attack. IDK if that is exactly how you’d want rams/other units to behave with farms, but I agree farms should be the lowest possible priority while still allowing a player to intentionally target them.


They should idle. Player should use attack move if they want to attack the next target. It also happen in knight and that’s why Frank +2 knight LOS seems just a little useful but in fact it supprisely good when they can search the new target by their own

What if the attack move is to a location where the ram only sees an enemy farm. Or once they’re done destroying their current target the only building the ram see is an enemy farm.

They should idle like what they currently did against wall

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If there is no other building around the farm then wouldn’t it be beneficial to wait and steal the farm with a villager?

Probably. I’m not bringing up these edge case to demonstrate what is and isn’t useful per se. Just to illustrate that the edge cases exist and any change to ram behavior may produce unexpected/unintended results and reasonably people could disagree as to what would be expected and what wouldn’t be expected.

I’m a coder by profession so I think in edge cases and unintended results.

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To be fair - as of now units with attack move ignore walls, so units ignoring farms shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


No elephant will be delay by farm, and just can do a little damage to farm cause it eat rice

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I agree with this idea. Reducing wasteful micro like this (the micro needed to take rams off of farms for better targets) just allows players to focus on the more fun parts of the game. There is a clear difference between removing skillful micro that makes the game interesting, and removing wasteful micro that makes the game dull. This kind of micro reduction falls into the camp of the latter. I would like other wasteful micro’s like this to be given a look at and see if they can be reduced. This is also helpful for bringing new players in to the game since new players are more easily overwhelmed by wasteful micro tasks. You won’t see many pros wasting their rams on farms but at a lower level you will see a lot of poor ram usage that is occurring because a noob player is already overtaxed on micro and has no micro left for wasteful tasks like making rams get off farms.


The slippery slope is not a logical fallacy, its consistently proven right even if it isn’t guaranteed