Random Civ + Civ ban

Currently you can only ban a fixed number of maps, so you are forced to be versatile on how you play the maps. People seems to be happy with it.

Why not apply a similar approach to Civ picking ?

You could ban a fixed number of civ you really dislike but you would be forced to play a random civ and adapt to their playstyle. It would add more variety and less meta based game.


Having some semi random option (so selection a number of civ an having the game to randomly pick one) is a great idea.

For now, there is already a website doing the random picking for you (i forgot which one). So that is currently already a workaround. I like this idea a lot.

I already find this thread about the subject, but this wasnt the thread inn which someone posted the website. So this suggestion is already posted many times on this forum (and i support this feature).

Thanks for your reply, I hope some other people will like this suggestion as well. That way the idea may get some traction and be noticed and considered by the devs.

I think in 1v1 it matters a bit less about what civ is picked, thankfully many (most?) people go random, and the few non-randoms are already predictable…

In team games, the implementation of this feature could become chaotic, since you could result in situations where players can’t find matches, as there aren’t valid compatible non-banned map and civ combinations. Maybe the best way to implement your idea for TG would be to be able to ban maps OR ban civs, but not BOTH. Imho civ picking is pretty bad for TG anyways, because everyone picks the same 5 civs anyway. Most of the times you can guess what civs you will face before the game begins :S

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This is a very misguided idea. The game is supposed played based on the main meta, not some fringe flinging idea that someone lit comes up with. Just consider thinking before posting next time. Cheers.

I already hate being forced to play maps I don’t want to play, the last thing I want is to also not be able to play the civs I want to play. At that point I would join the alt+f4ers.


Both of you don’t really seem to understand the idea. You can already pick the civs random, full random and mirror. It will be another option that only affects your civ pick.

For example: you want to play an archer civ, bit you are fine with a lot of archer civs. So you select all archer civs and you let the game decided which archer civ you are going to play.

In the mean time you will still be able to pick you civ, if you like to pick a civ. No one will force players in using a semi random civ.

Currently you see in many tram games the same civs. Flanks go for archers, pockets for knights. As result you see the same civs over and over again. With this idea people can select a list of archer civs as flank and a list of knight civs as pocket. As result we will see more different civs in team games.

It just seems like unnecessary meandering with the way ranked works. If people really want this option then fine it can be a setting in casual.

If someone practices ethiopians, like a build for ethiopians or if he jsut wants consistency in his play so that he can get better with 1 civ at a time, and then people ban his civ, thats just bad. thats quitting-the-game kind of bad. having a very bad map pool system is already bad enough. at least let people play the civs they enjoy and know.

What, I am not really understanding your point. It is just some form between pick civ and random civ, both are already part of ranked. This doesn’t really change much.

You seem to not understand the idea. It only affects your own civ. It doesn’t have affects others. So your argument seem to be invalid. You can’t ban Ethiopians for another player like you suggests.

Implementing this would take away precious time that the devs need to flesh out real problems.

You seem to not understand the idea. It only affects your own civ. It doesn’t have affects others. So your argument seem to be invalid. You can’t ban Ethiopians for another player like you suggests.

well then thats a great idea.

the words “you will be forced to play random and adapt” made me understand this one differently.

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random civ is needed for teamgames. position-picking completely killed what little balance the game had

the developer just has no idea how teamgames work in aoe2. the maps suck. the balance sucks. the pick-civ + pick-position meta is just to blindly make 1 unit for the entire game with zero skill and zero strategy and zero counterplay because the unit counter system does not scale beyond 1v1. and they nerf the complete opposite civs of what needs to be nerfed (by nerfing celts/aztecs/etc.)


This is a problem though. Or are you not bored of literally playing against the same 5 civs every game?

I would prefer for the civilizations to become more balanced and therefore more appealing to a broader base of players rather than adding an unnecessary feature. Unbalanced gameplay between the civilizations is the leading cause of the saturation of players towards certain civilizations. Cheers.

I would prefer that too, but based on the recent balance changes… yeah, that’s not happening

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i think that depends on the elo. i found around 1200 - 1350 most are picking civs. but some teammates said maybe around 1600 - 1700 most people were going random. so this partly depends i think on elo level.

Idk I had the feeling past a certain elo random civ increased some time ago but nowadays on arabia most of my opponent dont go for the random option. Dont know what changed but at that point ranked arabia gets pretty boring imo. You cant play the map you want but the civ. Should be the other way around.