Random civ out of a pool

An interesting possible new function (out of ranked games) would be to consitute a pool of civilisations out of which one is drawn randomly. E.g. let’s say I want to play Mesoamerican: I put Aztec, Mayans and Incas (South American all right!) in the pool and land one randomly.


The number of times this has been suggested is sad. @IkoKnight8151, can we maybe get something like this passed along to the team? It would be really nice being able to pick civs from a pool randomly.


Yeah, I’ve bumped an old thread about this and I’ll show my support here too. This function would be greatly appreciation for me, and it’s not like similar things don’t exist yet anyway - you can do this with map selections already! Extend it to civs, come on!!


Like CIV 6.
We really need this.
Custom civ pools, so finally we can have our own “custom land pocket civs pool”, for example.
Everyone would love this feature.
Would be GREAT UX!!


It may also, to some degree, be applied to tournaments? That could be fun!

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Could work for some tourney yes.

But it’s really really good for TG’s.
How many times you wanted to Random Civ between your favorite CAV civs, or Flank civs! Everyone has thought about it sometime!

I don’t get why this isn’t a thing yet.

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