Random Map Ideas?

Does anyone have any random map ideas? I have basic knowledge on how to make random maps, mostly by editing ‘standard random maps’ notepad files. So, another question. What alternate versions of standard maps would you like to see?

This thread could be even useful for ideas for those with good knowledge on how to make random map scripts from the ground up.

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I’ve always liked Budapest but would like to see a version of it which could be a true hybrid map.

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Maybe something with a Great Lakes or Salt Marsh style settings.

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Aan Idea I’ve seen someone else suggest:

  • A version of goldrush which has the gold divided 7/7/7 between the players bases and the center (basically take a normal map and put all the neutral golds and stones in one spot). You could even put the players and gold in the corners of a triangle (IE N, W, SE).