Random stutter?

I5 9400F
Gtx 970 4GB
1x 8GB DDR4 2400 Mhz Ram

So I just bought this game and although I can get smooth 60 fps even when zooming all the way out, there are some moments that the game randomly starts to severely microstutter, even when I’m zoomed all the way in.

I’ve disabled both fogs, DOF and set particles to medium. Stutters still happen every 20s or so. Stutters for like 4s-8s and then it’s silk smooth again.

Playing RM against 1 AI, didn’t touch the max pop settings.


Nevermind. Enabling V-sync in the game options got rid of all the stutter completely.

Game is beatiful now.


Spoke too soon.

I started stuttering again today in a RM against 2 AI. Last two RMs were 100% stutter free.