Random voicelines from all units selected (random idea)

I think it would be better if you randomly hear any of the units in your selected group when you give commands, instead of always hearing the one from the top of the ordering.

Right now, if you have your hero walking along with your troop (which means most of the time), you’ll only hear the hero throughout the game.


Double down, make it so if you have 2 muskets, both of them yell the commands, imagine that with an entire regiment!

Just let all units talk at once!

No joking but it would be cool to maybe here multiple voices in different volumes.

Something like log(n) (that means the more units the lower percentage of the units) of the units talk at once but only one at full volume and the others with gradually lower voices.
If they speak the same language the same voice line should be triggered to reduce the chaos a little.
Maltese would be funny though because every unit has a different voice.
On the other hand, how often do you have more then 3 unit types selected at once?

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