Range Bugs Driving me NUTS!

Multiple bugs which are all the same issue at their heart:

when you are trying to attack something out of range, and you A+right click towards the target, or even just right click the target iself, if the target is out of range, your unit just doenst’ respond or idles. This is most apparent with water dynamics (so a land unit trying to attack a dock but that is out of range, or an archer trying to attack a ship that is out of range)


Ship with increased sight range right clicks a springald out of range. Ship will not move closer to the shore to attack, it will just sit idle.

Spearman which you use to attack dock, but dock is out of range, it will idle. You have to move the spearman next to the dock then right click.

Ditto archers which if you point to click to a ship, it will not try to find a path from which it has range, it will just idle. So you have to move it in range, then attack (if you tell me this is a feature, GTFO my face, seriously that is horrible).

Mangonels sometimes if you A + right click they will do as told, but very often they will just sit their idle during whole battle, rather than move up front and hit the ■■■■■■■■ units.

Springalds range up and down hill, i’ve seen un upgraded springalds magically shoot uphill like 20 tiles of range,and i’ve seen upgraded springalds shotting down hill seemingly needing to go 2 tiles away from the unit before being able to hit. This is the most bugged asinine crap I’ve ever seen. PLEASE FIX IT

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Thank you for making your voice heard @JohnnyCamels! We feel the frustration and are already looking into how we can improve ranged and siege attack pathing.

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