Ranged attack for Huszars

Just a thought Experiment .
How would the performance and role of Magyar Huszars change if they are given a ranged attack like the Steppe Lancer ?

They don’t need it. You have a unit that does not cost gold in the very game, that’s stronger than Huszars 1v1 combat. They are great already.


I’m just curious to know what would happen if they get it .
I’m not advocating for that change

Perhaps the Title was misleading

I think they would be much better than steppe lancers, but without being as OP as unnerfed SL since they don’t have as much attack and are locked behind a castle. Tho they would likely still be too good, especially in the late game once their no gold cost starts to matter. Also good luck trying to use any siege weapon when their guys are up and running.