Ranged Auto-Targetting Should Deprioritize Rams

Ranged units and buildings all have a really useful feature which is that if any enemy units/buildings are within range, they will open fire automatically. You don’t have to assign them to the task.

They also have another great feature which is that if they could auto-target either units or buildings, they will always choose the units. Units are more of a threat than buildings and much easier to kill with arrows.

So why does ranged auto-targetting consider a RAM at the same level as a Spearman? Rams have 700 HP and 30 ranged armor. It will take 700 shots to kill this unit. Why put that unit at the same level as a Spearman who will die in 9 shots?

Archers next to an enemy outpost know better than to auto-fire at the outpost when there are other units around. An outpost has 50 ranged armor and 1000 hp. That will take 1000 arrows to kill. Yet that tower will not show the same intelligence against the Ram.

This is especially frustrating for HRE who in theory have great outposts that auto-repair and have cheap emplacements. But when a defender has to constantly tell the outposts not to bother with something that will take 2 minutes to kill, those defensive bonuses feel like more of a trap.

Units that will only lose 1 hp per arrow should be lower priority than other units.


I’d love to see a tool that allows for custom priority target setting and if/then orders would be so cool, agree on the rams targeting

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It is done that way so that the enemy double TC can be better punished (since secondary TCs cannot target manually).

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agree 100% but there so much broken in this game balance wise and quality of life wise. well gla on seeing a change.
its needed 100%

“It is done that way so that the enemy double TC can be better punished”

I don’t think that the inability for additional TCs to target is intentional. They already nerfed the 2nd TC to 2400hp and 10 garrison. There are far more elegant ways to balance a building than an unintuitive, uncommunicated, frustrating lack of target control. That seems more like a bug to me.

if u say, that archer should prioritize the unit with the least hit to kill.
What would be micro.
Ballistic they took from us.
Auto snipes for lowest HP units?

archers will clear pickes with A-move. Or what?

Imagine you have pop200 and HRE with towers have pop200, but now towers prioritize ur army.
who would win?
Defender in great position already.

This is actually a good point, defense could great to the point of being impossible to break through. I still like the idea of giving units target priority though

I didn’t say that they should prioritize by number of hits to kill. I said that something that takes 700 hits to kill is on a whole different level than something that takes 9.

If that’s what you think…

I see well that it can be punished very well with an all in vs double TC, if you want the additional TC to shoot units, reduce the range.