Ranged thoughts

So I have been playing around with Saracens a bunch, and I found a mix of units that engages really well. In large formations of 60 units on 60 units, there is alot of clumping that occurs. This is especially true for melee, bu also partially true for ranged. The saracens are the only civilization that has a unit composition of 60 units that does not incur clumping. And that is because they have mamelukes. Other civs can build 30 horse archers and 30 normal melee cavalry, and the result is reduced clumping. However saracens can build 20 mameluks, 20 horse archers, and 20 melee cavalry, and the result is no clumping on engagements.

That got me to thinking. What we are missing are units with 3-4 range in the imperial age. This is true for both foot and mounted units. Steppe lancers are right now competing against scout cavalry on one side, and knights on the other.

What if steppe lancers had an upgrade that let them throw their spears at an enemy within 3 tiles? This would give them a perfect role as a midrange unit. Moreso than they are now.

Like genitours do? But with less range?

I think it would be cooler if they have 2 range with the elite upgrade and don’t throw the weapon.

That being said a new unique unit with 3-4 range would be cool

Two range wouldn’t be hugely balanced I don’t think in terms of stacking. More importantly, it would look totally unrealistic.

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Maybe, maybe not - the goal is to increase the range enough to where they attack similar to a kamayuk in terms of effectiveness while at the same time fixing the patrol pathing to go in a rounded line so there’s no more open field condensed single tile stacking. I think their lances are long enough to make it not look weird, but if it does maybe increase their lance length alongside it.

Yeah! I also think that under this situation they should be classed as an archer unit in terms of where they go in the formation, (not mixed with melee units) and that they need a new animation.

Yeah, but realistically, if the lance is their primary weapon, they are hardly going to throw it away. It also doesn’t really make sense, because in the Steppe Empire armies, you would have lancers at the front, and cav archers behind.