Ranged unit (melee combat)

I am pretty interested in how ranged units will fight. Especially, when it comes to melee combat.
In AOE3, ranged units stop shooting in melee combat and use their melee weapons. And I believe this is implemented into AOE4. If so it would be pretty interesting and make the archers more fragile once they are in the open without melee guards.

What do you guys think about it? Is it implemented into AOE4 or not?


A few of the released clips show Archer units drawing a melee weapon when attacking up close, so it is definitely in game in some form.

We don’t know how it works of course, so we still need to know if it’s toggleable, if they can choose to shoot at someone further away, if there is an attack/damage difference etc

Will be interesting to learn more about it


imagine trying to draw a bow aim and shoot at someone else while in melee combat!?? Lets hope they have more sense than this. Or at least make the accuracy like zero-two percent…


My personal hope is that ranged units are locked to a melee attack if an enemy is in contact with them. Hopefully the majority of ranged units will have a pretty trashy melee attack as well.


My hope too… Even though Crossbow men in range may be counters to armored units, up close should die pretty quickly… but on the converse, crossbowmen were some of the cheapest to hire Vs knights and man at arms with more armor, and training needed. Pretty much anyone could operate a crossbow

and cavalry should be able to attack while moving. I have heard mongol Bowmen will, but a knight with a sword looks so funny having to stop his horse swing in air to get a hit and catch up again, while crossbow men can just walk it off and turn to shoot without having to stop to reload.

out of place archers should be something to be really feared.


If we are going to talk about if aoe3 ranged melee will be the same, another thing I’m interested in is if snaring will be a thing, my guess is no because when a lot of aoe2 players tried aoe3 that was a kind of complaint for some of them, I would at least like melee snare for sword and spear infantry but not for cavalry.

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Yes, I think crossbowmen will have high damage and a slow rate of fire due to intensive reload xD which will give more time to knights to get close and deal huge damage.

Also, I am interested in horse archers. Will they use melee weapons if an enemy unit gets closer? Then it will make players trap the horse archers so they cannot hit and run all around the map

Microing is always fun!
I hope they are adding that option too

Cav should not snare, but it should be able to keep up and run while attacking, thus continually hitting retreating units.

but I do think snare is good to trap cav so pike counters can work better.

I am fine with horse archers being trapped… with good micro they should be very strong ,but if you just leave them to stand and fight, once hand cav gets there should do fairly well vs them…

its a lot like that in AOE3 where dragoon micro kills hussar, but if you just let a hussar attack a dragoon it actually wins vs its counter. This is mainly due to resist because both resist range attack and a hussar attacks twice as fast in melee.

cav archers work a little differently though, they can stand up to heavy cav due to melee resist, more HP and more attack DPS (lower attack but faster ROF) yet they are not well suited to kiting. But great for actually countering cavalry and holding ground.

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