Ranged units are still bugging out near walls

Ranged units will still run around walls when attack moving near it with enemies on the other side.

Hey @IrishRepoMan540! Could you be a bit more specific about what you’re seeing here? What exactly is happening vs what you think should happen, etc.

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In my experience it goes down like this:

There is a palisade wall between my archers and the enemy.
The enemy is currently OUT of my archer’s range.
If my archers were closer to the wall (but still on my side), the enemy would be within their range.

I issue an attack order (my archers, attack the enemy)

My archers get in range of the enemy by snuggling up to my side of the wall. Once they are in range they begin firing.

My archers first attempt to circumvent the wall. Then they attempt to get in range of the enemy.

To achieve the behavior I expect, I first order a move command to get my archers in range from behind the wall. Then I issue an attack command.

I’ll try to include a video clip when I get home from work, but its the exact same issue as before the season 2 patch where it was in the patch notes. When I attack move ranged units on my side of the wall to attack enemy units on the other side of the wall, as soon as the ranged units get los, they start walking around the wall to the other side rather than moving up to attack from my side.

I made a post a while back before the season 2 patch and they said theyd look into it, then a fix was supposedly included according to the patch notes, but i just had the issue again recently.

Thank you @djtheconqueror and @IrishRepoMan540 for the extra info. There are a couple of bugs at play in regards to ranged units vs walls—the one mentioned as fixed in the patch and a very similar bug that is being worked on. It’s hard to know which situation these reports might be, but we’ll look into them.

@IrishRepoMan540 if you do end up posting some video, it might be very helpful! If not, we’ll look into them just the same.

We appreciate the reports!


Here’s a clip of a game I played vs an AI. It’s a replay, so you can’t see my actions, but you can see the unit movements. You’ll notice two xbows above the blacksmith engage the enemy on the other side when I attack move the group, but the rest just start running to the gate at the bottom of my base instead of moving around the blacksmith or even just bouncing around behind the xbows who were firing. You’ll also see two archers move up from the bottom of the screen then bounce around a little bit because one wasn’t in range when I a-moved and kept deciding to take the long way. Sorry about the poor quality.

In an unrelated report, the ‘swordfish’ logo given for the event challenge “All By Myself”, isn’t a swordfish, but instead looks like a marlin or sailfish. Tsk tsk.

Hey, thanks @IrishRepoMan540! This is very helpful.

Hmm was the attack move to a spot on the other side of the wall or to your side? Or did you right click an enemy unit?

If it was the other side then this may make sense because they will try to take the shortest route to that point and attack anything they encounter in range along the way. So they’d head for the bottom gate and since they never got in range of the enemy they wouldn’t start attacking.

No. As per mine and the other guy’s reply and explanation, this happens when clicking inside the wall. It was an issue before patch, and evidently still is.

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Hmm weird. It just doesn’t really look like that for sure in the video since your two closest units from the group do get LOS and start attacking. Although one of those two actually wasn’t the closest and paths weird, but it’s hard to tell if that’s just them getting in formation and then he gets LOS or what.

If they happen to wander in range because of an obstacle, they will start firing. The two xbows were in range, but the rest of the group headed straight for the gate instead of the spot I a-moved to on my side of the fence. This was a known bug in a previous patch I also posted a more clear video of.

The two archers below also did a dance because one kept trying to run off to the gate and I was trying to move him in range.

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I should note this issue can also be replicated with cliffs with ranged units engaging enemy units below. If you target an enemy that would be in range if your ranged units just move up a bit, they’ll instead start walking around the cliff.

Thank you @IrishRepoMan540! The video/extra detail is super helpful.

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