Ranged Units Should Not Attack Buildings

Ranged units should not attack buildings, unless explicitly told to do so.

Units that do ranged damage, such as: Archers, Crossbows, Handcannoneer, Javelin Thrower, Ribauldequin, Culverin and Springald for example, do meaningless amounts of damage to buildings. When told to attack-move, they should not attack buildings. When standing idle, they should also not attack buildings.

It’s fine for other units to attack-move/auto attack-buildings, since they do meaningful damage.
Melee units do fire damage.
Mangonel and cannons do siege damage.
Ozutsu since they do bonus damage to buildings).

It kinda feels like a bug that ranged units, which do meaningless amounts of damage to buildings, endlessly use their ammo for 10 minutes on a house, no?


How much damage are they doing though? I didn’t think it was a lot…

There are certain things that are like this for one reason: don’t put all that easy.

Ranged units being A moved and only targeting units would make too easy raids. The way it is right now, rewards players who can manage the units better.

Despite that, I think the only ranged unit who should not attack buildings is mangudai. When you are trying to harass a woodline, and simply a house in the middle is attacked before getting close to the villagers giving the other player an alert. Or just give them a toggle to attack in movement or not, so you can avoid alerting.

This doesn’t happens with other ranged units because they don’t attack in movement, and you can place the units before start attacking.


I want to add, that this is deeper “issue”

AoE 4 needs better unit stances, in Conquer and Conquer 3 (or Red Alert 3) units in attack move do not attack buildings, only units - player can change it in unit stance.

In C&C some units are very effective against buildings (Flamethrowers, Grenadies) and some are very… unnefective (machine guns, lasers), so it is useful

AoE 4 work a bit similar, ranged units are unnefective against buildings, but the player can not change the unit behavior - all AoE 4 units attack everything buildings in attack move, this is like in Starcraft or Warcraft , but all units are effective vs buildings in these games


Yeah, I agree with you. There should be better options for unit ‘stance’.
At least with other games like SC2, most units do effective damage to buildings.


Should hotkeys be removed to ‘increase’ the skill cap then?

You would still need to keep control of your ranged units so they are in the right place to hit enemies and avoid damage from defensive structures. I find it really dumb to see archers wasting their arrows on a house for 10 minutes doing meaningless amounts of damage. It’s not like they’re burning arrows which will take down the house.

I would ask your question with another question, should springalds focus siege? Should archers focus light infantry? Should spearmen focus knights?

If you make things more automatic there’s a point where all you need to do is press A move and enjoy the battle.

In fact is dumb to see archers hitting a house, but I think is a gameplay design. For example, trebuchets focus buildings, whereas all the siege just focus the nearest unit.

Ranged units already priorities enemy units over buildings so not much is being changed.

You’d still need army control. If you ‘a’ move an army of melee and ranged units into enemy base you’ll lose the archers as they walk past the buildings into enemy defenses.

Just takes away from the fun when your handcannons are aimlessly firing at this building for no reason.