Ranked decay overaggressive STILL NOT FIXED


So tomorrow Diamond III?
You guys closed the thread but DID nothing solving this.

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They close the thread when they have understood the bug and don’t need more information. They are “working” on it. Be patient.


How about some communication… Are these points going to be given back?

The season ends in a few days.

Or does the affected players need to beat -5 a day.

Having patience means having trust, which I think the playerbase does not have much of.

1409 → 1404 → now Diamond with last played of 5 days ago. I cant imagine caring about S2 if this doesnt get fixed.

There is NOTHING from them except “we will take a look at it”, and the points still deducting.

What is your gamertag, decay isn’t happening to everyone.

My theory is those who is decayed has the current rank much higher than its actual (hidden) elo, once it is close enough, it might be stop decaying. But IDK xD

Only that would affect everyone. Almost noone above platinum has their rating close to their elo as rating grows faster then ELO.

So the situation is that:

  • You are affected and loose 5 points each day.
  • You are affected and didn’t notice it (good chance as lot of people play a game each day and don’t monitor their exact rating value)
  • You are not affected. But that’s IMO unlikely unless there is some bigger problem they introduced with recent rating change as even that is refreshed only after opening the game… Could be possibility that it’s affecting only players that were already in Platinum and higher or these who have been inactive before the change for few days and after the patch reset count stopped working.

Anyway it’s very strange how fixing rating value, which should be just change to calculation affected reset value for decay. Might be possible that they had used decay date in their calculation to give points/take points…

Because the check in whatever language or SQL are they using would always translate to this:
if ((current_rating > minim_for_decay) && (current_date > last_game_date + 14_days_to_date) && (total_rank_decay_from_last_game < 200))
(As that’s what official FAQ states: decay happens only after 14 days of inactivity for everyone in plat & above up to max of -200)

Also we don’t know exact time when -5 points are deducted or when it started for each player that is affected. My -5 points happens around 18:00 - 21:00 CET and I played game even today reaching 1406…

It’s really discouraging to continue playing the game even without all the issues happening all the time. Now players are even more punished for lack of time or just achieving their goal and wanting to relax.

Anyway the whole issue persist only due to RELIC LACK OF COMMUNICATION literally about anything. Week before season end, we still don’t even have answer how are rewards going to be done or if they took any feedback about them…

Major problems just need answer as soon as possible, even more if season is almost over and lot of people might not even realize they will loose at least 50 points before the end of it… Why is it such a big problem for a dev team to answer simple questions that everyone affected has: How it’s going to be resolved? What is going to happen to the lost points ?


If I am not loosing points to decay that means my hidden mmr is lower than platinum even though my visible rank is diamond

May be there is some threshold, e.g. If pont_diff > 100: then point = point-5 since 1st day, but elif pont_diff > 50: then point = point-5 after 15 days, IDK, it is just a wild guess xD.

I did some test in this issue, one of my IDs affects another is not. The one that affects has intentionally less hidden elo than the other one. (as I also test how to make your hidden elo much higher than visible one or much lower), but I agree that the rank system is ruined and communication is really need an improvement. They should have used the hidden point to indicate the visible rank for fairness.

I’ve lost points to below my ELO and they continue dropping (ranked points 1409 → 1394, ELO 1404, started dropping after 6 days inactivity). This seems like a definite bug.

my rank started dropping after 7 days, thought we had 15 ? I got dropped from conqueror already and am losing points per day. Is this expected behavior, will I get these points back ?

Hey all! I completely understand the frustration here—with both the bug and the communication cadence. The only information I have regarding the unexpected decay is that the team is investigating. Apologies I don’t have more info.

Regarding communication, I will make sure the feedback is passed along.

I know that neither of these non-answers are satisfying, but it’s what I have for now. If I hear more, I’ll update.