Ranked desync issue results in lost points

Desync issues are not new… But very frustrating when right after loading screen, game end immediately in desync error, and I loose 18 points on ranked… Why? How is that my fault?

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Had the same happen to me yesterday and lost points

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What I personally find most annoying about these issues:

  • ok, might be hard to prevent to happen (I doubt, but ok, let’s assume you have decent software engineers), but why cannot the scoring algorithm recognize this easily?

If I look at the the match detail data available on aoe4world, out of all my matches, only the ones ended with desync result in a “500 - Server Error” response…
So there are somehow clear indications in your own database, just someone should spend a couple of hours to code some rules regarding this. E.g.: IF match duration < 1 s → ignore for score

Up to this day, I cannot imagine what the valid reason is, the game client needs to crash after this and why it cannot simply recover… as we heard from Aussie Drongo a couple of times, maybe it was not in the requirement list, that the game should not crash :smiley:

Thank you for reporting @WiseConcil and @Heaney74! This is definitely not behavior we would like to see—we’ll look into it.