Ranked DM

When ???

Has been promised but never delivered, hopefully it comes before the DM community is 100% dead.

Please give us some updates (devs)


You can consider that DM is dead because the devs of this game think they are the ones who should decide how it should be played, and they never change their mind unless an overwhelmingly large majority of players speaks against it.

When the game came out, BF community was the first one to get a big middle finger, with their map completely changed from the Voobly version, and no way to queue for it in the ranked system, most of them are still playing on Voobly because they don’t like the subpar lobby system of DE.

Then they added the forced random civ in teamgames. You wanted to pick a specific civ? Too bad, you have no way to queue for it, it will be decided by a vote whether you can pick ot not. (Fortunately it seems nobody uses this option)

Then they removed DM basically because “it was played by less than one thousand people” (as if it costed Microsoft something at all…) and now it’s EW that’s supposed to replace it. Personnally I don’t care about DM at all, but I have no clue why it should be removed even if only 2 guys played it.

Now, they are banning Alt-F4 from ranked without giving Arabia-only and Arena-only players a way to queue for their maps, so even more players have to move to the lobby.

I still have no idea why 2 years after release, there’s not an automated way to queue where we can freely select game mode and map, and rules among a small set of predetermined ones, and the game would match you against people of your Elo. Rather MS decides to progressively split the playerbase until nobody uses ranked anymore and everyone plays in the lobby.


There is a Forgotten Empires employee, nickname Cysion, who explained the drill:

Obviously a lot of people complain about different things.
Some are a minority which should not be taken serious, other could be taken serious.
But it’s not known, who is the minority and which things should be taken serious.
And if the people responsible for the game do not (try to) find out what to prioritize, it’s ok to not do anything or do things their own way.
(By content, not by exact quote)

That’s why some things are just broken in game, 2 years after release.


Loved DM, can’t make lobby matches work for me so I just don’t get to play.

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